Thursday, February 11, 2010

365 Day ? Thursday, Feb 11

Der and I went for a walk in the snow today and then decided to build a snow man or snow woman. It didn't take long but did necesitate a cup of hot chocolate and then a nap.

Missing Pictures

Some people download pictures every day and some people don't. I didn't. I will eventually have pictures for Feb 2 but my disk with about 8 pictures crashed! And of course, they were the best pictures you have ever seen! Sure!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

365 Day 30 Saturday

Canon XLT 1/60s f/4.0 ISO:400
Hummmmm. Maybe shutter speed is too fast!
Suggested topic for the week was "morning". And this is my very favorite morning scene! He is reading the sports page--about TCU's upcoming game!

365 Day 29 Fri

Canon XLT 1/60s f/4.0 ISO: 400
I know that is a fast shutter speed. Wonder if there would have been more light if I'd used a faster speed?
Feel fortunate to just get this far!!!!

365 Day 28 Thur

ONLY picture I took today!
Canon Rebel XLT
1/60s f/5.6 focal length: 55 omm
Somedays you just bomb out!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

365 Day 27 Wed

A photography site I liked suggested we try taking pictures of streets. There were exotic streets with cathedrals--night time shots of beautiful neons and streaking lights--all of which are outside my realm.
What street means a lot to me! This street--Berry Street and why? Well, that's easy--GO FROGS!!!!!
We didn't have time to go to the stock yards. Oh well, another day another shot--urrr, uh, photograph.

365 Day 26 Tues

The daffadills are peeking through the soil! How eagerly we await their growth! God gives us signs that there will be an end to winter's cold and drabness and this is one of them! Each day we check to see how far they've grown and when the buds begin to form and then-----!
Oh, well, this is Texas and we know there will be at least one more winter freezing rain fling and perhaps more. But for now--we enjoy the sight.